With kind permission from the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences
With special thanks to Keegan Sawyer, Director

White Water Canyon Earth & Biological Sciences (WWCEBS) is a 501(c)(3) looking for like minded, Earth conscious organizations and individuals to get involved and support our spectacular ‘out door research laboratory’ atop the San Andreas Fault, in Whitewater Canyon, Southern California – 10 miles north west of Palm Springs, 100 miles east of Los Angeles…

Part of WWCEBS vision is to ‘twin’ with universities on the west side of the Pacific tectonic plate in the vicinity of Fukushima, Japan – we are on the eastern edge of the Pacific Plate in Southern California at the same latitude (see map of Earth’s fault system under San Andreas Fault tab).

We will be installing seismometers and GPS recording stations so that we can conduct research into the actual movement of the Pacific tectonic plate in ‘real time,’ simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan via satellite uplinks, as well as study our unique biodiversity surrounding the North American and Pacific plates, together with Earth’s climatic conditions and the potential for Earthquakes and Tsunamis along the California Coast!

WE WOULD LOVE IT if you came and took a walk around the old Indian village where Early Man (and Woman!) has lived since the Last Ice Age, more than 11,000 years ago – perhaps on your next visit to Palm Springs and our spectacular Desert resort communities?

We are in need of your support and funds to improve our facilities and to purchase seismometers and GPS recording devices for the San Andreas Fault.

Our very first donation was $5! This was wonderful! So please consider supporting our efforts to learn more about our Planet – this special place we should ‘all’ call home – as we travel at 67,000 mph to hopefully get around the Sun in 365 days!